Juliet McComas

Pianist and Educator


Juliet Mccomas


Juliet McComas is an excellent teacher and performer of classical music. Her teaching focuses on the needs of the individual student, and is balanced between concerns for the development of technical proficiency and the importance of musical playing. Technical skill is always in service of musicality. Juliet's own proficiency and thoughtfulness as a performer increases her ability as a teacher. She works successfully with students of all ages and backgrounds, though it needs to be understood that she asks her students to be intentional and serious about their study, meaning that the student who is not committed to regular practice would not get value studying with her. Her spirit and commitment to the music she teaches also contribute to her skills as an instructor.

Stephen Shapiro
Executive Director - Community Music Center, San Francisco, 1978-2011
Student of Juliet McComas, 2011-present


Ms. McComas has been my piano teacher since 2006, and is an outstanding teacher. She is caring, patient, diligent, intelligent, dependable, and has given me a strong foundation in classical piano and also in music theory. She has taught me how to perform with confidence, and has exposed me to many pieces of famous composers. I love playing the piano, and plan to continue to study piano in college.

Skyler Lawrence Chu
Student, San Francisco Community Music Center


Not only is Juliet McComas a gifted pianist herself, but she is also an excellent piano teacher. Juliet instills discipline and good practice skills, while at the same time making piano lessons fun and engaging for my young daughter. She is very thorough and comprehensive in her approach, going through each piece in detail while teaching good practice techniques and musical artistry. Juliet is also warm, patient and kind, and she takes her job as a teacher very seriously. My daughter has progressed rapidly and built her piano skills under Juliet's guidance, while having fun at the same time. She has given my daughter confidence, and has increased my daughter's sense of what she can accomplish through her steadily rising expectations. My daughter is accomplishing so much with the piano, while building self discipline and self esteem. Juliet is amazing!

Kate Agarwal
The Nueva School


Juliet is one of the best piano teachers EVER! Before having Juliet as his teacher, my 10 year old son had been taking piano lessons for 2 years and was losing interest and getting frustrated. It was always a fight to get him to practice. After just a few classes with Juliet, things had changed drastically for the better. Juliet is patient, warm, nurturing, and just knows how to work with kids. My son's frustration is gone. He says it's because when Juliet tells me to do something, she really explains why, and it makes sense. He willingly practices piano every night now. It's so refreshing that I don't have to nag him anymore. We love Juliet and are so grateful to have found her!

Lily Lum
Parent of Private Student